Having a digital platform that’s functional and intuitive is extremely important for offering a customer experience that will drive lead generation, encourage conversions, and build loyalty towards your organization.

In this new whitepaper, you’ll learn how regularly monitoring or auditing your site can help you do digital better. Download the whitepaper: Is Your Site Performing? 5 Techniques for Auditing Digital Health to learn about all things audit-related.

When you download this eBook, you’ll learn:

What’s an audit?

This whitepaper explains what digital audits are, and how they help site owners ensure that their digital platforms remain healthy.

Why audit?

Whether it’s monitoring or for maintenance, this whitepaper breaks down the numerous different types of audits, how and when to perform them, and what to do with the results.

After the audit

Once you’ve finished an audit, what do you do next? The whitepaper recommends next steps, including when to run another audit.