For organizations that manage an ecosystem of Drupal websites, governance can be a major undertaking. Many organizations struggle with multiplying websites, each with different technologies and quirks that leave teams frustrated and feeling totally out-of-control.

Fortunately, there are solutions to simplify the process of deploying and managing multiple similar websites, though they come with their own specific challenges. This eBook shares information about determining what your multisite needs are.

When you download this eBook, you’ll learn:

Mapping a strategy

Understand what your platform options are and who will be in charge of what. This eBook will help you map a strategy for governing your platform.

Determining feature requirements

What features will be shared? What domains will be different? Understanding where the similarities and differences lie will help you streamline your codebases.

Preparing for growth

This eBook will teach you how to prepare your platform for the long haul, and will help you build a plan for deploying and maintaining your Drupal 8 sites as you grow.