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Four Reasons to Fast Track
Your Move to Drupal 8

Extra, extra, read all about it: it’s time to upgrade your site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. If you’re not upgrading or migrating to the new platform, then you’re old news.

Download the FFW Whitepaper “Four Reasons to Fast Track Your Move to Drupal 8” to learn why upgrading to Drupal 8 is so important for organizations that want to stay competitive.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

How APIs are changing the digital game -- and how your company can benefit from being an early adopter

Have a lot of different digital systems? Have difficulty moving data between them? Drupal 8’s APIs will free your data from silos, providing you with more and better insights about site performance and customer behavior.

Why Drupal 8 encourages digital transformation for organizations

Drupal 8 is a free, open-source software built by people around the world who understand the unique challenges faced by individuals or organizations working globally. Drupal 8 comes with tools to help organizations transform how they operate online, and waiting to upgrade means you’re missing out on today’s revolution.

How Drupal 8 is totally, completely customizable

Upgrading to Drupal 8 doesn’t mean building a whole new site design. If you make the migration, you’ll have the option of upgrading only the technical architecture of your site without making any front-end changes… if you want.

Why Drupal 8 is the best option for organizations interested in digital stability

Drupal 8 is built to last. Organizations using proprietary software are vulnerable to having their platforms sunsetted abruptly, but with Drupal 8, there’s no chance of that happening. The code is programmed for the future, and it’s made to guarantee the security of even the most sensitive information.

Download the whitepaper today: