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Responsive Design & Content

A truly responsive site is more than just a design: it’s content as well. It doesn’t matter how great your site design is if the content isn’t up to snuff.

Download the whitepaper on how to merge content and technical design for responsive design success. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

The basics of responsive design

What makes a responsive design truly responsive? Learn about the different terms, technologies, and methodologies that combine to make a responsive site.

The role of the content author in responsive design

The best responsive site in the world can fail if its content isn’t designed properly. Learn how content authors can make a contribution to the responsive design both in the initial discovery phases and throughout the site’s life.

The phases around building a responsive site

Good responsive sites are built on top of a solid foundation of research, and are thoroughly tested. Learn about the different phases of discovery, planning, and testing.

The benefits of building responsively

There’s a difference between a site that’s built for mobile, and a site that has mobile added as an afterthought. Learn how building responsively from the outset will improve your site and increase customer satisfaction with your brand.

Download the whitepaper today: