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Personalization Strategies for Government Websites

Web personalization allows content to be tailored to the interests of the visitor, resulting in increased engagement and better experiences. Personalized content is essential to an effective digital communications strategy, but planning and implementing a personalization solution can be complex and cost prohibitive. 

Our guide (created for a presentation at Drupal GovCon 2016) introduces the basics of web personalization and presents several simple ways for government agencies to get started with web personalization using Drupal.

This guide will help you get started on your own personalization journey with:

  • An overview of common personalization use cases
  • A checklist of prerequisites for implementing personalization on a Drupal project
  • How personalization for authenticated users differs from that of anonymous visitors
  • Special privacy considerations
  • Why Drupal is the best CMS to execute a personalization strategy

This is for anyone interested in improving the effectiveness of their web platform with personalized content.


Ray Saltini

Director, FFW Center of Excellence

Download Your Guide to Get Started With Web Personalization